Portable Eldy – usb

dear All,

we’ve received plenty of requests regarding a portable ELDY.

An Eldy distro you can store in a usb key, where all files (config and data) are stored locally in same USB key directory.


you can download a Eldy 2.4Beta portable, the first version of Eldy portable for USB.
As first release it’s a windows zip , containing  all you need to have Eldy run smoothly:Eldy application, Eldy data, and required java libraries.


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  1. Thom LaCosta says:

    Fantastic! Thanks very much


  2. Yes, fantastic. This is a very usefull feature for windows computers.
    Yet I noticed some problems :
    - the lang.eldy in the fr subdirectory is not up to date : I send you an actualised file in the french group (though many labels are not used in the french distribution, some needed to be translated)
    - the manual is in italian and not in french : how can we add the french manual in this distribution ? (exercises are in french !)
    - the Eldy TV program is the italian program and not the french program.
    With TV and manual in italian, this distribution will not be used in France. What can we do to help you upgrade that ?

    Notice that the TV program has now also changed for former releases of eldy : may be we have to update the list from the backdoor ?

    Thank you Emilio !

  3. I suggest users to add some usefull tips to the eldy 2.4 usb distribution such as :

    1- create a “autorun.inf” file at the root of the usb key, like that :
    action=Lancer (Run) Eldy
    label=Eldy 2.4
    shell\lancer=Lancer (Run) Eldy
    The autoplay function is presently no more available (on windows recent upgrades of xp and vista and any release of windows 7) and the shell command is no more executed, but this will change the icon for the key folder to the eldy icon and will rename the folder in windows explorer !

    2- create a mobile install of skype on the key :
    - create a “Skype” folder at the root of the usb key
    - copy the skype.exe program from the PC to the Skype Folder on usb key
    - create a subdirectory “Data” of the Skype folder
    - create a skype.bat file in the skype folder with this single line : “skype.exe /datapath:”Data” /removable”

    Thus you can use skype from the usb key (double clic on skype.bat), even when it is not installed on the PC (caution : there may be net access restrictions in public places : they will apply even from the usb key).

    Unfortunately, I could not access skype contacts from eldy in this way: skype receives the call from eldy, but cannot authorise eldy to use the api.
    Has anyone an idea on the reasons and how we could workaround that ?

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