ELDY 2.4 – UTF8

Dear all,

you can find the a demo of Eldy over UTF8 database with latest localization (Portuguese, Arabic, Norwegian, etc).

Most importantly, this is based on a UTF8 architecture that works fine with any language!

So please, Arabic, Greek , Hebrew, Ukrainian etc:
can you please how it looks like?
as far as we are using a new architecture email automatic creation web service is not connected yet, so:

- install over a computer where you already installed eldy

- install on a new computer but using an existing eldy account

- use expert installation with third party (e.g. gmail) email

- use standard installation but email area (send and receive) will not work.

please do tests, about :
- how it looks like
- check addressbook works fine
- check profile saving works fine

next days we finalize all architectural points… looking forward to have a feedback from you

Enrico & ELDY

4 responses to “ELDY 2.4 – UTF8”

  1. Enrico Neri says:

    Dear All,
    please proceed with feedbacks on this utf8 version,
    we’re require to release the definitive 2.4 as soon as possible!

  2. Dear Enrico,
    Test in french are OK except for skype contacts : dialog with skype is OK, yet the contact list is empty in Eldy (not in skype, and some contacts are connected). This was on windows XP and skype was release.

    I also noticed that :
    - internet portal is the italian one
    - TV programs are english programs

  3. Dear Christian,
    the 2.4 demo is for checking UTF8 of course all other features will be as usual (and in French)

    let us finalize the tests on language and then let’s proceed to deliver a stable version for all.

  4. One more thing:
    We’ve just fixed the https issue.
    Since some minutes ago it as possible to save/edit bookmarks only with http, not https.
    nowadays user can save/edit any bookmark ALSO with https

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